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Easy to use, easy to customize

MediacenterJS is a fully functional media center application that runs in your browser. You can view your movies and listen to your music, all from the comfort of your favourite browser on your favourite device. No need to manually alter your files and super easy to customize with some HTML/CSS knowledge.

MediacenterJs is "app-less", which means it works on anything with a browser without having to install an App. It also has a handy browser based remote so you can use your phone as a remote for your TV. It's great to add functionality to your TV, tablet, PC or Chromebook.

Use it anywhere you want on anything,
without the need for an app

Latest news

Update (1.2)

It's been a while since I made a release and it seemed as good a time as any to do it. There where several issues with deprecated dependencies that are solved in this latest version. API limitations have also been taken care of. The setup filesize has gone up with this release but in return you'll get a more stable setup experience seeing as all dependecies are packaged with MCJS. As always please make sure you have NodeJs installed before installing.

Minor update (0.1.2)

This new minor release brings stability and a couple of nice new things to MediacenterJs. For instance, all logs will be written to a file in the log folder for easy debugging.
Furthermore the Windows setup has been rewritten. No longer will NodeJs be packaged with the installer, but in return all path variables will be set during the installation.
Also, NPM will be used to install all the dependencies during setup so the file size of the installer is drastically reduced. Please make sure you have NodeJs installed before installing MediacenterJS.

Beta status reached

Although it took a bit longer than anticipated, the MediacenterJS project has reached beta status (aka "Batman") mainly due to the amazing work of Jonathan Bailey. He single handedly created the database abstraction layer which not only resulted in better code, also made the entire project more robust and faster.
He also helped make the core apps more feature rich which led to a redesign of the entire Project.

Roadmap updated

As we are making our way towards the upcoming Batman release it is good to look further into the future. So, just like the previous two releases, new Superhero titled releases have been added in Trello. Once the Batman release rolls out, the roadmap will also be used in Github.

While Batman will bring a stable basis going into beta, the Cyclops release will bring more customisation options like various themes. Where as the Daredevil release will stay true to its superhero title and will bring more advanced options to the table like Airplay support and becoming a full-fledged standalone app.

Build plugins for the store

MediacenterJS has its very own plug-in store giving you complete freedom to use MediacenterJS the way you want, with the plugins you want. We've tried to make it very easy for developers to build new plugins. We use the proven NPM package manager to easily find and publish your plugin. But more importantly, you can use the tools, modules and frameworks you like most to build great HTML/Javascript/NodeJs based plugins. Have a look at our Developer starter guide to get started.

We use

Join and contribute!

Though the documentation is still a work in progress, you can learn a lot about how you can contribute by visiting these pages.
We have a FAQ for new users, as well as a guide for media types and how to use the remote.
For developers we have documentation about the plugin framework, how the front end is set up and how to make a theme. All this and more can be found here on the project Github page.
Feel free to contribute!

Get it, on every platform.

If you use Windows click here to download the installer. If you want to run MediacenterJS on a Linux or MAC system please follow these installation instructions. The installation process for these systems will get easier as the project matures.
If you miss a build for your platform, please let us know and we'll try our best to support your favourite platform as well.

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